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🚨MVPs Plush Toys🚨
(Most Valuable Puppets)

18 inch Kobe and Bron MVPs Plush Toys

PRE-ORDER STARTS Sat., Dec. 9th (10am EST) & ENDS Mon., Dec. 11th (10am EST)

2008-2009 and 2009-2010 seasons we were introduced to the MVPs (Most Valuable Puppets). Leading up to the NBA Finals everyone wanted, LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant (Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Lakers). Unfortunately we got Magic vs Lakers...

In the commercials the voiced by David Allen Grier (Kobe) & Kenan Thompson (LeBron). Several characters were added Lil Dez (Chinua Baraka Payne), Santa (KRS-ONE) and Blitzen (Lupe Fiasco)!

$129.99 (FOR THE SET)


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The 18 inch Kobe & Bron MVPs Collectible Plush Toys will be available for PRE-ORDER starting Saturday, December 9th at 10AM EST and ENDS Monday, December 11th at 10AM EST. After the cut off (10AM EST December 11th) the Kobe & Bron MVPs Collectible Plush Toys will go into production. I am doing a PRE-ORDER to get as many supporters as possible the plush toys! Please be patient and respect the process! The 18 inch Kobe & Bron MVPs Collectible Plush Toys will be ready to ship FEBRUARY 2024. Everyone that purchases during the PRE-ORDER is guaranteed a plush toy and will get updated emails on the progress. I will also email, closer to shipping date, to get your updated shipping address. Just in case your address changes between now and time of shipping.

This is high quality collectible art! If you purchased my previous plush toys you already know the elite quality! Swipe through to see other angles of the Kobe & Bron MVPs Collectible Plush Toys! International shipping is available!